What We Do

We bring high-quality art from all around the world to offices and schools, through an attractive Rental Model. We, at Jennard, strongly believe that art can spark ideas that can change the world. Our team of experts will place world-class art in conference rooms, lobbies, boardrooms and customer-facing areas, transforming your office – making it come alive. We bring a museum experience to schools to inculcate art education in students at a young age, and spark their creativity through our Art Vantage program. We provide complete services, from helping you select artwork, to installation of the selected artwork.

Not only do you get beautiful artwork in your spaces but we will also replace/rotate the art at a frequency chosen by you to continue to give you the fresh look and feeling.

Our Team

The team comprises of individuals with a passion for Art and a penchant for quality. Our team is well versed with world art and continue to explore more and learn about new artists and their art.

Our experts in world art understand the nuances of Impressionism, Cubism, Fauvism and the differences between Modern, post-modern and poster art.  We have specialists with deep knowledge and interest in various Indian folk and tribal art be it had from Rajasthan,  Warli from Maharashtra,  Madhubani from Bihar or Chittara from Karnataka or various forms of temple art, miniature paintings, Indian fresco, and contemporary Indian painters.